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New! Weedelete© ZRS

Suitable for black strips and grass courts. The ZRS is available for the coming season. Check out the 3D images here.

Weedelete®. The rotary hoe

Thanks to the Weedelete®, the removal of weeds in an ecologically responsible way is within reach. The hoeing machine is equipped with well-defined technical applications (patent pending) which make the Weedelete® unique in its kind.

To weed the weeds, the hoes rotate at high speed through the top layer of soil. Of course, this does not cause any damage to the crops.

The Weedelete® could easily be attached to a tractor. The machine functions optimally at low engine power. The Weedelete® also has a leveling effect. The hoeing machine is ground-following and has a good working speed. For optimal results, the depth control and working width can be adjusted steplessly.

Due to the shallow tillage, the soil remains solid in structure. This provides extra stability and is ideal when you want to drive a machine over the weeded ground layer.


Watch the demo video


The Weedelete® is a groundbreaking and innovative product, which fits perfectly in a time when 'sustainability and green' are keywords.

Gijsbert van Tuijl — Innovator


  • Hoeing machine with steplessly adjustable working width

  • Leveling effect and adjustable depth control

  • Ground-following and stable

  • Available with carriage or with roller

  • Required power: Minimum 30HP and hydraulics 30L/min

  • Very suitable for weed control and shallow tillage

  • Compact, easily adjustable, good working speed

  • Suitable for sandy, peat and clay soils

  • Eligible for the MIA and VAMIL scheme (36 & 75%) 2022*

  • Environmentally friendly, requires little engine power, no release of chemicals or plastics in the field

  • *The subsidies are different per country


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